How to Nail 3 Piece Suits

A masterclass in mens three piece suits.





Want to up your style, ready for the New Year and fancy something a little different to the usual two piece suit? Then the three piece suit might just be what your wardrobe is crying out for.


NA Menswear offer a wide range of 3 piece suits whether it be for a special occasion such as a wedding, or maybe you just want to jazz up your work wardrobe ‘go tos’. Our wool suit collection will keep you looking dapper all year long!


Here’s our top tips on how to nail a 3 piece suit, but shhh you didn’t hear it from us:


1. Think single breasted jacket


A single breasted jacket is a must when it comes to 3 piece suits. It’s simple, clean and versatile, and adds a sharp finish to any outfit. With a single row of buttons down the front, you can dress this jacket up or down as you please.


2. Shirt colour is key

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to shirt colour, but two colours every man should own is white and blue. A classic white satin shirt offers maximum versatility and a blank canvas so you you can’t go wrong. Want to inkjet some colour into the mix? Opt for a light blue shirt, these work well with tonal, patterned and textured ties. Don’t forget to play around with patterns too!


3. Say no to the belt


There’s no need for a belt with our flattering, fitted trouser and tailored waistcoat.

4. Don’t button your bottom button

Did you know most waistcoats are designed with the view of leaving the bottom button undone. It avoids the shirt from bunching up. Fashion gospel for men, this rule dates all the way back to king Edward VII from the early 1900s!


5. Shoes, shoes, shoes

When it comes to style, nothing says more about you than your shoes. A staple piece for any suit, if you’re opting for a navy or grey suit, think black, brown or oxblood when it comes to choosing your shoe colour.


Check out two of our favourite looks from the AW17 collection below. Both are a modern take on the classic mens slim fit three piece suits -


Navy three piece suit (£199.00):


Grey three piece suit (£199.00):

To view our full collection of affordable suits, click here:

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